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Fiat 500 step-by-step

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Hi. I'm researching a potential Fiat 500 (classic) EV conversion, and I've done some searching, but I can't locate any step-by-step blogs or photo diaries.

I'm basically looking for a steer on what I would broadly need to do, and in what order.

I'd be grateful if anyone could point me towards anything useful please.

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There are many blogs and build threads here that will help you on this. First step, though, is to set your goals for performance and your budget. See if its realistic. Make adjustments as neccessary before you buy ANYTHING. It's ok to ask if the numbers add up. Start with a good plan so that you dont waste a lot of time and money going down the wrong path.

I have some pictures and info on my site, I'd be happy to help, as would other people.

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Thanks, that's really helpful. I love your MG conversion. Terrifying acceleration!

I'm thinking of a slightly more sedate performance for my Fiat 500 conversion. They're quite light, so I'm hoping to get 70mph top speed, 0-60 in under 10 seconds, and 80+ miles range out of the following setup...

Curtis brushless AC-20 motor
Curtis controller with liquid cooling
3 or 4 Tesla batteries
2.5kw charger

If I can source a donor car for around £5k, and the above items plus some miscellaneous bits for around £10k, I'm thinking that this is a £15k project ($19k USD).

Does that sound realistic? Could I do it for less/differently? Very grateful for any feedback from anyone at this early stage.
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Did you ever move forward with this? I am currently starting the planning phase of doing this to my 1970 Fiat 500. I would love to hear more from you.
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