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I've been playing around with sniffing the LIN bus on my 2013 500e because I want a cabin air heater that doesn't need a coolant loop to operate. Here is what I've found out so far:

The 2013-2019 Fiat 500e uses a resistive air heater driven off the ~400V (97s) HV battery pack (P/N 68140376AH). It's capable of 5 kW at full output. Internally, it is PWM driven by a microcontroller driving 3 IGBTs. There are 5 connections to the cabin heater: HV+ (orange), HV- (orange), +12V (red/white), LIN (white/dark blue) and GND (black). The 3 low voltage connections are made at one connector with 20 AWG wiring and the HV connections are done on a separate connector. +12V power is fused at 5A and is not switched (always on). The HV wiring is fused at 30A.

The LIN 2.0 bus is a single wire serial interface and communicates with the body control module (BCM). The BCM calculates the target PWM duty cycle based on fan speed, commanded temperature, etc. and sends this data over the LIN line to the heater at 19.2 kbps. The BCM is the master and the heater is the slave.

The heater has 3 internal temperature sensors (IGBT temperature, core sensor A and core sensor B) as well as HV voltage and HV current sensing. It appears that some or all of this data is available to the BCM on the LIN bus.

The BCM sends a signal on the LIN bus every 50 ms, alternating between PID 1A and 99. Both of these frames use enhanced checksum per LIN 2.0. The PID 1A is a request for data and looks something like this:

Frame ID Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 Data5 Data6 Data7 Data8
1A 00 00 8A 01 00 3B 5B 00

Data1, Data4 and Data8 are not used. The rest of the data appears to be sensor data but the actual data and scaling is unknown. If anyone wants to help figure these out, that would be great.

PID 99 looks like this:

Frame ID Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 Data5 Data6 Data7 Data8

Where Data3 is the requested PWM duty cycle and varies between 0x00 (0%) and 0x64 (100%) and is just the hex value converted to decimal with no scaling or offset.

When the key is turned off, the BCM commands the heater unit to sleep with the sleep command:

Frame ID Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 Data5 Data6 Data7 Data8

Since this ID is used for diagnostics, it uses the classic checksum.

For more information on LIN, see the latest published spec here: Standards. There are now ISO and SAE specs that cover LIN, but they aren't freely available.

All the LIN data was obtained using a Microchip LIN Serial Analyzer APGDT001 module and the Microchip LIN Serial Analyzer v3.0.0 software.

Although the 500e was built as a compliance car and only sold in Oregon and California, they are rather plentiful in the junkyards there. The air heaters can be found as "heater cores" on sites like The cabin heater can be had for as little as $130 shipped, or perhaps less if you can find one from a pick and pull yard, and may come with the entire interior HVAC assembly.

I've started a github here: Spinning-Triangles/Fiat_500e_Cabin_Heater
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