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Fiat 500e charging EV discharged battery below "standard" charge level

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I'm trying to revive Fiat 500e EV battery which is discharged after not using it for 3 months (second reason was bad 12V battery).
I've disassembled whole battery pack below car and I have access to each of 18 individual battery module inside (each battery module has 5 or 6 battery cells). There are Li-Ion batteries (Samsung SDI cells). I want to charge each of them individually. I'm wondering should I charge each cell individually or each battery module? Charged cells should be around 3,6-3,7V and I think I should charge them separately. Can someone confirm? What voltage and current should I use? "standard" 4.2V is fine and what current?
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The i3 uses the same cells, here is some good spec info on those cells.
I would be weary of charging anything below the 2.7V per cell.
Per module would be fine, as long as you are monitoring each individual cell.
The batteries dont ever charge up full in the car, so I wouldn't recommend doing that.
Best to bring them up past 3.4V at least and then let the car charge them up the rest of the way.
Thank you! That really helps!
Why would you be weary of charging anything below the 2.7V per cell?
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