I have an Orange 2014 Fiat 500e (~57k miles, battery still under warranty, non sport with sunroof, good tires, EVSE, TomTom etc.). I've owned since 3/2017 and it was flawless up until recently. The car still operates normally except it will not charge. Fiat says it needs a new PIM (Power Inverter Module). I've decided not to go through with the repair and see if I can sell the car as is. I'm not in the position to part out the car so hoping to sell whole to someone that would like to attempt a repair or part it out. I've seen battery modules selling for $250+each and it has 18 if I recall correctly. Plus the body, wheels, etc. are all in great shape.

It currently shows ~25% battery ~20miles charge. We were getting 75-80 miles real miles driving conservatively around town.

Price is negotiable. Car is currently at the dealer but it will be home in the next few days if more pictures are wanted.

Thanks for looking.