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Fiat Grande punto EV project help!

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Hi all,
I have recently joined up to this page and I'm seeking a little bit of help (alot).
In a few months I will have a 2006 fiat grande punto 1.9 diesel sat on the drive doing nothing. I would love to have a go at turning it into an electric car. I'm aware that it isn't just as easy as that, but we've all got to start somewhere. So here goes with a few questions:

What sort of motor would I be best to use? Ideally no more than £1000 and hopefully looking to push out around 150hp (Not sure if that's too optimistic or not)

What sort of battery set up to start with?

What other components would I need to look at purchasing?

How would I run things like the power steering pump, brakes etc?

Hopefully someone has some info for me as I'm really excited to give this a go.
Thank you in advance :)
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I don't really have a budget as such, it's going to be more of a project that just gets built slowly over time.

I'm not too sure what sort of info you would need really so I'm not entirely sure what link to send. I'll give you the info that I do know about the car.

Fiat Grande punto sporting 1.9l diesel
M32 gearbox
3 door hatchback
130bhp, 206.53lbs/ft
Height 1490mm
Length 4030mm
Width 1687mm
Luggage capacity seats up 275 litres (seats down 1030 litres)
Min kerb weight 1205kg

Hope this helps a little, if you need any more info, I will be sure to do some research on it.

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I don't really have a budget as such, it's going to be more of a project that just gets built slowly over time.
Probably the cheapest option today would be using a wrecked Leaf as a donor car. A 2014 car would cost you 2-4,000 GBP in the UK and provide everything you need including drivetrain and battery. Biggest issue you'll face is space given the punto is a small car... that said, a friend is putting a Tesla drivetrain in a Fiat 500 so miracles are possible :D

A good thread on reusing Leaf components is here.
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