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My first post here!
I recently became fascinated with the thought of an EV conversion on an old car with a non-running ICE.

Let me follow J_D above and state my goals and facts and, hopefully, you can guide me to what motor should I look for as I don't know much about them, so don't want to make a stupid first decision. For example, I was looking at what looked like a candidate motor only to find that it is a treadmill motor. 馃檪

My objective is to keep this a cheap project. Basically, cheaper or close to rebuilding an ICE. The vehicle would be a fun, occasional vehicle, no winter use planned.

The facts/objectives:
Car weight: ~900kg
Original horsepower: 60hp
Transmission: classic 5-speed manual with clutch. (Not needing a clutch would probably save the work on restoring that system in a vehicle that has been sitting a while.)
Range target: 40-50km (to get me anywhere in the city and back)
Top speed: 120-130 km/h (highway speed limit is 100-110 and sometimes you need to get the hell out of the way - although I know the acceleration at the high end won't be there)
0-100 km/h: 10 secs (more important would be the 0-60 km/h for those red light starts!)

So, I know I'm looking for a cheap forklift DC Series wound motor, but what is the volt and amp range I should aim for? Will any 24V-48V do? I realize it's the controller where the magic happens though.
Is there a reasonably priced battery pack these days or to keep this cheap, should I stick to classic 12V auto batteries? I can probably stuff 8-10 of those easily.

Thank you very much!

6 Posts
Thank you.
I see a few hybrid battery packs from Prius and Camry available. So, those would be suitable? And I'm looking for around 8kWh?
Looks like Prius Gen 1 is only 1.6kWh and Gen 2 is 4.4Kwh.
And are controllers and BMS hard to find/match for those?

P.S. Please let me know if I should start a thread in the battery section instead of here.
1 - 4 of 174 Posts