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Bakersfield is a petroleum/ oil service economy that has warehouses. The seedier parts of town like oildale, buttonwillow, Arvin, or Lamont may still have scrapyards but like Remy said, stuff has too much value to just take to the dump for free. At 200+ lbs, a 13"motor has scrap value of beer and the gas to get there. There's a forklift recycle place in Stead, but they don't do electric. We have a motor rebuilder here in Reno, but their scrap pile is full price and they want $$$$ to rebuild, $$$$$$$ to rewind and 6months to get around to it if they like you. That's only good if you have an antique thing that generates you a pot load of Ben Franklins to pay for the repair.
1 - 1 of 174 Posts