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need Firmware update for GTBMS005A-MC11 / MC16

Does anyone have a firmware update later than april 2010 for the GTBMS005A-MC11 or MC16 BMS?

I always wodered why my charger (TCCH with CAN) only charged propperly to 80% an then did not reduce current, but constantly switched off and on again with full current.
Now I finally analysed the CAN communication an the RS232 communication from the CAN-box to the charger. And obviously it is the BMS that sends implausible (way too high) voltage values when it reaches around 80% SOC, which causes the charger to stop and only start again when it gets plausible values.

Unfortunately Harbin Guantuo does not react on emails, they seem to concentrate on the asian market (the website is no more available in english).
So now I am looking for someone who can supply a more recent firmware.

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