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First Build Scooter Help Requested

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I have a 1959 Zundapp Bella Scooter that I would like to convert to electric. They made 150cc and 200cc models and mine is a 150. The 150's aren't that collectable since they are really too slow for modern traffic so it isn't blasphemy to do the conversion. It'll go 45 - 50 MPH but it takes forever to get there hauling my fat ass around plus being almost 60 years old the dependability isn't where I would like it to be. I have an extra frame to do it with so it won't be a problem to convert it back if that's what the next guy wants to do just by swapping the bodywork back. It looks like this.ündapp_Bella_R_154_(2008-05-21)_ret2.jpg

Here's the specs of the original 2 cycle engine when new, mine is a bit tired so it isn't this good

Torque 1.22 mkg = 8.22 ft/lbs @ 3300RPM
7.3HP at 4700 RPM
Drive Sprocket 16 Tooth
Rear Sprocket 43 Tooth
1:2.688 gear ratio
top speed 50MPH (80kmph)
Weight of 302 lbs (137kg)

I would like to get 50 MPH (80Kmph) top speed and maybe 20 miles (32km) of range with a reasonable acceleration.

For the battery I was planning on using a 2kwh 48V Chevy Volt module (Each 2kWh pack is 48V, 47Ah. Continuous current 240A Peak current 350A or so says the ad) That will fit just fine and can possibly add another 24V module for 72V if I have to but it'll be a tight squeeze. Not really sure about a BMS for it

For the motor I was thinking of an ME0708 Motenergy motor or an ME709 if I have to go to 72V

I have a Sevcon PowerPak controller that I got from work that was used to drive a PM brush motor about 42 amp that drove a hydraulic pump. I'll use that if possible but can get whatever is recomended if I can't figure that one out.

So does this sound reasonable or am I dreaming. Any suggestions as to substitutions appreciated.

Thanks, Will

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