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Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself and explain my project and experience. I hope to learn a lot here and may be able to help others.

I've been into custom cars, motorcycles, boats and anything else that moves since i was really young. I started with RC and moved into life sized by 14. I have always worked on electric vehicles as my RC vehicles were mostly electric. lately I have gotten into Micro FPV quads / drones and have been amazed at the power and efficiency of the new brushless motors and li-Po batteries.

My first electric conversion is actually one of my RC boats that ran on Methanol and nitro methane. That got me interested in what other things i could convert. I have a pair of old Honda C70 Passport scooters (similar to the Honda Cub) and thought it would be nice to make at least one of them electric as my first real EV. I have only started looking for parts today and already I have an E-scooter donation. It has a hub motor and 72v controller along with all the other bits like signal switches etc. I was really hoping for a standard type motor hooked up to the original drive chain and sprokets but you can't argue with free. I still may go the other route yet as the project is just starting but I'll see.

I am just starting the research phase but i do have some basics from RC and drones/quads. That being said i apologize if I ask some stupid questions as i might.

My first few questions are to do with motors. This may be one of those stupid questions; is a Brushless RC motor an AC motor? or is this still DC but without brushes and a com on the armature?

How do you pick a size similar to the motor that was in the bike?

what is the consensus on batteries? Are the 18650 cells pretty standard now or is there a cheaper option until the price comes down on those? I would guess Li-Po is avoided due to risk of exploding if punctured? also care and life span of the Li-po is not great.

Anyone in Canada know a good place to buy 18650 cells?

Any ways nice to meet everyone and I hope to add what I can to the community and EV movement.
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