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Hi all,

My first post here. Thank you in advance for the help, i've already learned a lot browsing and lurking through the boards the past few months.
... also sorry in advance for the dumb questions. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, and have been working on motorcycles for 10+ years now, but am very green to this electrical stuff...

Anyway, on to the build.

I am planning on converting a 1970s CB350 motorcycle. I already have the bare frame and have spent the past year or so researching and building a parts list. I am hoping you all can take a look of what I am planning and give any feedback you may have.
The goal is to have similar power to the original ICE motor, and a range of maybe 50 miles - basically a fun city commuter.

Based on the range and power requirements above, I figure I need about 72V, and 80-100Ah.
To reach this i am planning on using 20S4P of leaf cells (10 modules in series, another 10 in parallel)

BMS + Charger
I plan on using all Thunderstruck EV parts here.
Dillithium design modular BMS, TMS2500 charger, and EVCC standard.

Motenergy ME1115

Kelly KLS-8080IPS

The component I am most hesistant on is the controller. I have read mixed reviews on Kelly.
I dont mind the high price of the Sevcon, but am intimidated by the difficulty of programming. Am I correct in understanding that since the ME1115 is sin/cosin (as opposed to hall/trapezoidal), that the programming on the Sevcon is much more complex?

Please let me know your thoughts! I appreciate the time and help!
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