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Ey, There I go, I have bough a Leaf motor gen2 with the follow parts:

motor, inverter, controller, acceleration pedal, D-N-R switch, wiring loom, HV contactor and HV fuse.

I understand the controller is already touched to work, meanwhile waiting for the parts I'm looking for the rest of components. I'm sure I will use Elcon 3,3kwh charger but I'm doubting with batteries and BMS. Because I'm a bit in a rush probably I won't buy chines batteries even if the prices are really great. Instead of these I think I will go for leaf modules or BMW i3. And here is my doubt, if I buy the entire pack they are coming with the BMS, but is this difficult to hack? and what about buying the modules separated, is there any cheap BMS (something like Batrium) that can help me here? At the beginning I was thinking in Orion 2 but the price is high.

Any advise here I will definitely appreciate. :)
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