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Well I spent 3 years of mostly waiting for parts and replacements and 4 controllers... and being sent broken parts (a double = reversing contactor that I had to quite literally epoxy back together)... etc. etc., and... my 1989 Toyota Corolla station wagon conversion with 108VDC (18 USA batteries, curtis controller etc..)
For my 12,750+ dollars investment in equipment batteries etc etc, I got a bit over four runs.. totaling about 75 miles at about 45mph average this past Summer. And now after all this time my batteries are going dead cell!..:( and to upgrade to Lithium Ion would be really nice but now try to find a good price and good set of batteries... :eek:
My D&D systems motor is going to need replacing... may have to break into the piggy bank here and get a WARP... it just doesn't stop...
And for all that... I will be at it again come Spring. I am not going to let a bunch of incompetent sales people and inscrupulous rats that produce crap product stop me!... It is said, "where there is a will there is a way", and dammit I am going to make my own way... my 'whitebird' or her backup (a 1989 Suburu) will be on the road this year, again... you can bet on that. See for all the bummers you have to remember: experience will only make you more prepared for the challenge IF and only IF, you take the time to learn and keep trying!!! so even though I removed my photo and info on whitebird, it doesn't mean I am outta here. Far from it! Now to any disheartened experimenters in cyberspace, DON'T you dare give up. The Chevy Volt is a POS, the LEAF as much so, and the SmartCar is a toy(a good one for short distance...though) So I say press on! Enough demand will cause innovation among the EV community and we will start to see better tech come out of it. And I have seen wonderful ideas and help from this community... So keep going and happy new year to all.:D
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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