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sounds like you are building a moon buggy more than a car.

Seriously though, what would the benefits of this be (relative to the extra cost of building this) compared to converting a more conventional chassis, perhaps a 70's or 80's nissan/mazda/toyota pickup? Or a japanese Kei truck? You can lower those like crazy, and may a custom bed that would accomodate a lot of battery space. As for multiple motors, the high end Model S and X from tesla have dual motors (one front and back) but each of these is a more or less conventional motor/reduction gear/differential power unit. You are right that building and coordinating a quad motor controller is going to be a lot of work.

There are a couple full custom chassis vehicles in my local EV club (seattle) but both of these are open top, tube frame chassis with single motor. One uses a VW transaxle and the other is a chain driven reverse trike. I don't know of anybody in the DIY arena who has tried quad motors. Dual (siamese) motors that are mechanically linked (and thus act more or less like one motor) are fairly common.

Good luck
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