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I am driving mine back and forth to work and am wondering how the upcoming cold mornings will cut the performance.
This morning it was a little chilly and the windows were fogged up inside and out.
I installed an electric oil heater, in the rear seat area and had it on a timer to come on and warm the car about an hour before I leave for work.
Problems arose, when said timer failed to preheat the car!!
I wiped the windows down and started the heater while I did my horse chores.
The heater did a fine job and continued to give off some heat for the 10 minute drive. Cost of the heater was $ 2.00, at a household sale.
Tomorrow will tell...

I have been using the heater now, for some time and it is great.
I also have found out just how bad of an effect, one low battery can have on the performance of the car.
I tried to go to town on a 35 F degree morning and didn't look as though I was going to make it.
I checked the batteries and found out that one 3 years old battery had a bad cell. Not only was it not helping much, it also was restricting the rest of the pack.
A new replacement, after 4 chargings, has shown quite an inprovement.
I left to go to town this morning and it had dropped to 25 F. I had expected only 40 F. I ran in 2nd gear for the first 1/2 mile and then used 3rd as usual. As I neared town, I could use 4th and got over 40 mph.
When I got to the shop I still had 74.2 volts showing. It looks as though I will be running it longer toward cold weather that I had planned.
With gas hitting $ 3.35 around here, the more miles I can put on it, the better.
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