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First-Timer struggling to finish up first build-EV Display troubles

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Hello there,
I am in the process of converting my first vehicle. I am really close to being done. That being said, there is 1 last item that is causing me an unbelievable amount of trouble. I cannot synchronize an e-xpert pro display. I have checked the wiring several times and everything seems to check out but I cannot be sure. I have the shunt for the display wired between the B- terminal on a Netgain War-P controller and the non-battery side of my secondary contactor. The unit seems to be working fine when I turn the car on. The unit seems to measure voltage accurately and measures the "negative" current when I drive the vehicle. Contrarily, when I turn the vehicle off to charge the vehicle, the display indicates a negative current of roughly 360amps. As the unit is registering a negative current it does not realize that it is charging when I charge it despite the fact that I watch the pack voltage increase accordingly. I have checked to see if their is in fact a draw somewhere but I do not believe there is. Simply because the draw of 360 amps is too large. In fact, yesterday I watched as the unit counted to a total loss for the afternoon of roughly 3700 amp hours. I only have 3800 total amps hours of storage capacity (38 x 100amh tundersky 3.2V). While this loss has been registered, the voltage of my pack has stayed constant. Any ideas?
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Could be. I have them twisted but I will try and make them tighter. Do you know if that is a suitable location for the shunt. I am stuggling to understand how the unit would measure current when the car is charging seeing as their should be no current running from the charger or cells to the controller via my HV lines.
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