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First try at an electric motorcycle!

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Hello all, I've joined here to learn more about EV builds and done a short post in the intro section....
As I see it the best way to learn is by actually doing it....without wasting too much my first EV build will be a lightweight motorcycle
I'm retired but build quite a few bikes (5 or 6 a year generally) more as a hobby than anything else and lately have been making versions of the bike in the pic, a mix of parts of my own design and from the Honda 125 Innova.
I've made 7 of them now and have refined it to a point where I'm generally happy with the concept, it handles and brakes well, does around 65mph, weighs a little under 200 lbs and returns around 120 mpg.
So, my plan now is to design and build an electric version of this design.....problem being I know very little about doing just that!
My initial thoughts are there is a choice of motors....either a hub motor or one in the frame....I'm against the idea of using a hub motor as it seems to me that its a lot of extra weight in just the wrong place and it could have quite a large effect (particularly in a lightweight bike) on ride quality/handling plus there'd be quite a 'harsh' feel to the drive itself.....?
Mounting the motor more centrally in the frame with a chain drive seems the better option to me....the downside being the increased distance between drive sprocket and swingarm pivot....something I think could be engineered around....hopefully!
Next thought is the battery....everything I've looked at so far seems to be a big pack somehow slotted into the frame.....I'm thinking more of a sheet steel monocoque frame with individual batteries that feasible?
The sort of spec I'm hoping to achieve is a power output equivalent to approx 15 bhp and a range of maybe 75 miles....
Any thoughts, suggestions very welcome!
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