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Fix or workaround for BMS issue

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I have been working on installing an aftermarket kit on a Prius to makes it into a plug gable hybrid. I have as input a 16s LiFEPO4 battery.

I have a problem however with the BMS that come with the kit. Cells #12/16 and cell #13/16 both read incorrect voltage (cell 13 reads .2V too high compared to the multi meter reading and cell 12 reads .2V too low). I am worried that the BMS will then "burn" these 2 cells by overcharging cell 12 and over-discharge cell 13.

I was wondering if there is any way I could re-adjust the BMS reading so it properly detect the correct voltage. Otherwise, would it be possible to maybe insert a low resistance on one or many balancing cable to compensate for this reading ?

I could also just buy a cheap BMS circuit without monitor but then I have no idea how I could trust such circuit without feedback.

The kit in question is an Enginer kit (bought a used one)
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Critical piece of kit, I would just replace it with one that works.
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