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I'm looking to covert my FLA powered golf cart fleet to lithium. Comparing the existing pack to the potential options below:

Existing 24S FLA: 48V nominal // 56.4V charged
12S Lithium: 44.4V nominal // 49.2V charged
13S Lithium: 48.1V nominal // 53.3V charged
14S Lithium: 51.8V nominal // 57.4V charged

It seems a 13S lithium configuration matches the nominal voltage for the FLA pack. Has anyone else out there done a similar conversion? If so:
1. What series configuration are you using?
2. Are you using a BMS?
3. What charger are you using?
4. How does it drive?
5. Do you have solar hooked up?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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