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Flow-rite 'Pro-Fill' watering system for FLA

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I am selling my Flow-rite 'Pro-fill' watering system as I am upgrading to Lithium... I have 48 cell caps (for 12- 8v batteries), manifolds, extra swivels, THREE fill tubes, a hand pump, and pre-cut tubing. These cells fit US Battery, Trojan, and many other 8v floodies. This was the best time-saving investment I made, and is a 'must have' if you intend to use floodies for very long to insure quick fill to the exact right levels.

system retails for over $350 with the extra filler ends and swivels rather than manifolds,
I will sell and ship FREE anywhere in US

*** price dropped to $200, including hipping in US ***

specs and pictures where I bought:

and pixs as installed:


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ok, how about I lower to $250.... worth way more than this in time savings!
If you are using floodies, a watering system is a GREAT investment in time savings and correct fill levels...
still available!
still have it...
If you are still running floodies, this system is great. But since nobody here seems interested, I am going to put'em up on ebay.
will they fit 12v trojans? and how many do you have?
will they fit 12v trojans? and how many do you have?
I believe the 8v US Battery (us8vgchcx) and the 12v trojans have the same cell caps. If you give me your battery model I can ask at the pro-fill site.

I have 48 cell caps, and enough individual swivel mounts to custom route between them. They come stock with 'multi-cell manifolds' but they stuck up too far and interfered with my wiring, so I got individual mounts as shown in the first images.

I had three 'sections' of batteries, so I have three fill-points as well. It is best to have a separate fill if you have different vertical levels.

so.... you wanna try the tech at pro-fill, or post your battery model and I will check for you.
my batteries are scs150 trojans
my batteries are scs150 trojans
I sent an email asking....
or you can poke around if you want to check out on your own too.
i sent you a pm
still have it.... perfect for floodies. worth the price in time savings and consistant fill levels.
I still have these.... perfect for a 96v build using 12 x8v floodies...
I am starting to wonder if ANYBODY is planning to build or replace w/ FLA, or is everyone going lithium?
*** price dropped to $200, including hipping in US ***
no lead builds out there? It really makes watering easy, which will make lead last a lot longer...
starting to unpack and re-organize garage in my new house.... and came across my pro-fill system that I would still like to sell since I won't be doing a Lead build again.

I dug out the pro-fill system to count what I actually have... I had a mixture of battery 'manifolds', and individual cell swivels for my rear pack where I had limited space above batteries. If you need more of either the swivels or manifolds, you can order direct from pro-fill.

48 pro-fill speedcaps (which replace USBattery/Trojan/etc OEM cell caps)
36 ba-142 individual swivel cell connectors
6 4-cell 'manifold' cell connectors (for 8v batteries)
3 quickfill disconnects
1 handpump

retails for well over $350,
I will ship whole shooting match for $200 inc shipping in USA-48,
or $200 plus actual shipping elsewhere after payment by PayPal.


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still got'em..... anybody building lead out there with floodies?
still got'em. if you are still using floodies, this makes watering a 2 minute task!
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