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Foldable Sheet Metal Template for mounting a J1772 Plug

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G'Day guys,

I was in the process of designing where I was going to mount my J1772 plug (Probably under the bonnet)

Then I realised that I could also leave a blank faceplate, stick that on GrabCAD and then anyone else with fusion can grab hole of it and design their own sheet metal plate off the already existing holes.

So here you go: J1772 Sheet Metal Part

There's also a STEP and IGES if you use SolidWorks or some other program, so you can use the other models to take reference off and make it from there.

If you have Fusion 360, it should have all the bend rules good to go already for 2.5mm Steel Plate (Pattern should work fine with 1/10 Inch Steel Plate as that's 2.54mm thick, I can't imagine 0.04mm changes the bend radius much, but you should be able to change the sheet metal rule to Inch pattern anyway and it should auto adjust the part for you.

Then you can just add the flanges that you need and off you go!