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For sale: 100 KW Enova Controller/invertor, 90 KW Hyundai AC motor and other

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Hi guys,
I am putting out for sale a kit from the ENova Ford Transits which I bought from the UK but I didn't had the time to even start the project.Here is the list :

1.Hyundai 90KW AC motor +Reductor 2.5:1 +Enova Invertor 100KW with integrated DCDC and the wiring loom - 1000 £
Vacuum pump - Thomas 327CDC50/12 - 100 £
Water pump - Model WP29 CAN buss controled - 130 £
Brusa charger NLG5 - 3.3KW -500

Everything for 1500 £

The water pump,vacuum pump will be sold separately after the Motor and invertor are sold.
Additionally I can propose:

Heubner Inverter PCB by Damien Maguire (genuine, bought from him) + kit of components.This is to conver the Enova inverter to Heubner inverter (universal and generally better) - PCB is 50 Eur and component are about 100 EUR

Items are located in Sofia, Bulgaria shipping is for your own cost,

I can arrange shipping to a location in London for about ~160

you can contact me on my email : [email protected], mobile +359899164990, or PM here.

The pictures are not the best but I can make new ones if someone has interest.

Best Rergards,