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I have 12 * UPG 12V 250ah AGM batteries for sale. In total this pack is 36.6kWh, I am willing to split this battery pack up. I originally bought this 4 years ago to complete my senior design project in college and am no longer in need of it. I used it for a few months to complete a design of a motor controller. These batteries have been lightly used and have been stored fully charged on the charger (except over the last 4 months when I moved and took the pack apart). I will reconnect the battery pack to ensure all the batteries are working this weekend. Brand new these batteries run ~ $400 a piece, I was going to keep these to help serve a wind turbine project I'm working on but am looking to down size to a smaller pack. I am not using these batteries and could use the cash so make me a reasonable offer and we can take it from there. If you are interested please email/call/text and we can work out the details, any reasonable offer will be considered.

Please look up the datasheet on these batteries, this is a very large battery pack and each battery weighs ~180lbs.

I know a good transport company that could ship these batteries for a reasonable price near the western half of the US.

~Nick 5202755326

*Please check out my post about my ElCon PFC 4000 charger for sale as well. If you purchase everything together, I'd be more inclined for give a deeper discount. Thank you for your time.

Universal Power Group, UPG UB-8D AGM 12 Volt 250Ah Battery
4 years old? Not sure they have much life left. PM me your best price shipped to area code 28803. There is a UPS Freight Terminal in town, prob the cheapest way to ship them. Find your nearest UPS freight.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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