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Looking for a good, affordable DC controller for your EV? Do you have any of this Motors?
  • Advanced DC/AMD 8 and 9" DC Series
  • NetGain DC Series Motors: ImPulse9, Warp8, Warp9, Warp11, Warp13
  • Kostov 9, 10, 11 DC Series
  • General Electric 9,11 DC Series
  • Other Forklift DC Series Motors
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors
Better than the venerable Curtis Controller 1231C rated at 144V500A, better than the ZEVA MC600C Controller rated at 144V600A.

  • 800Amps peak to the Motor (1 Minute)
  • 360Amps continuos
  • 180V Absolute Max Voltage
  • ECO Mode for city drive/NEV, range extender (configurable, turned OFF by default)
  • Regen (available for PM Motors Only)
  • Opto-isolated Technology
  • Configurable Low Voltage Protection
  • Configurable High Voltage Protection
  • 3 Configurable Throttle Types
  • Configurable Current Limits (Battery and Motor)
  • 1 Year Warranty
You get for free:
J1 and J2 Control Cables
USB to Serial Cable
EASY TO USE Configuration Windows Software (Wizzard based, no Command line or C-language programming)
CAN BUS option

$999USD, PayPal only

This is the latest generation of controller from Kelly with Improved technology.


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Interesting! I am looking for a replacement for my Raptor DCP 600 with more configurability and power. I have a 134.4v lithium battery pack (fully charged) and a 9" Advanced DC motor. Would this work for me? Is this unit new or used? And where is it shipping from? Thanks!

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Hi Hummbug,

The controller is brand-new. Yes, it will work for you, it is the perfect match for the 9" ADC FB-4001, I use exactly this motors in my conversions. The controller ships from China.

I just got 3 brand new controllers, 2 of them they are being installed. For immediate shipping I have a 144V600Amp controller for $850USD free shipping, but I read you want more power, then the 800Amp has to be build, it takes 15 days from the day of payment.

Let me know your decision.

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