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1996 Electric Corvette 3 Hyper9DHV motors Torque Box
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For Sale 18 XS Power 16V XP1000 Deep Cycle 50Ah Batteries

I'm have 18 16 Volt AGM XP1000 batteries, they have about 9 months use on them and are in great condition. I updated to Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries which is the reason for swapping them out.

MSRP $400

I'd like to sell these for $ 50 ea. ( which is a steal) They have the posts with bolts so can be easily linked together like a marine battery, are the size of a group 34 battery and weigh 46 pounds.

If you are looking for a high voltage pack and little room for batteries this is the one. The Elcon Optima charging profile is the same for these batteries

I used 2/0 cable to connect these, they have a bolt that screws into the brass post. They float at about 17.2 volts 50Ah rated. The total pack is about 310 volts.

I also have a few load test videos for interested parties.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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