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This is my add on ebay if anybody has a need for 18650 cells for an EV project. Happy to barter exchange, wanted 2 large Lynch 44kw motors, as fitted to their road vehicle, or lightweight AC motor with similar or more power.
Had to buy a large consignment of new laptop batteries for my own project to harvest the individual cells, and am now selling off surplus as per photos, I have disassembled one off to show you the inside for your information only, note the 2 off black plastic cell shaped tubes, are just packers, I assume this is to enable different configurations of pack, and this opened pack does not come with your order, and you will receive 10 off brand new battery packs, ie 60 off cells, in their original packing as per first photo. Currently selling in batches off 10 off at a time but have several different types, from different laptops,and so will group into bigger packs at a later date if required, and also advertised elsewhere, and as I sell more the price will rise to reflect their true value. Note though all brand new I only sell my stuff as being sold as scrap, spares or repair as is where is, (just as I bought them) no warranty given or implied, and no returns, all information, is given in good faith, but you must decide if fit for use, especially if harvesting the cells, you are on your own, and cash on collection only, but at this start price its less than some used packs. Happy for you to come and view and test prior to purchase, still not sure pay for one and bring it back within 14 days if not completely satisfied, and check out my feedback for peace of mind. I require approx 25kw for my own project, so they better be good, but had to buy 40kw or nothing, and more may become available soon, let me know if you need a large qty. As far as I know, all new laptop battery's are dispatched relatively flat, checked a few cells recording approx 2.1v 2.2v and will require a full charge before use, so I will try to get a few different types juiced up for you to test.
Now charged up several cells if you need to check them out on site. Due to difficulties in sending out battery's, in large qty, its collect only sorry, despite what my ebay says, I cant seem to delete the postage option postage. Finally any enquiries either contact via ebay or tel 07964049808 A vat receipt can be supplied with all cells if required. yours Dave
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