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Selling my 1970 VW bug conversion. $5000. In Las Vegas, NV
Lithium ion battery pack 96V, 100Ah, 9.1 kWh (from Chevy volt), split 2 packs
SD Technology BMS 24s with balancing and overcharge protection
Motor: ME1002 10” dia series wound 72-144 VDV, double shaft
Kelly KDZ 12400 controller
Elcon PFC1500 onboard charger
12 V contactor, voltmeter & ammeter below dashboard, new interior panels, headliner, and upholstery, diamond plate firewall, 12V onboard battery charger for accessory battery, plug in at gas tank door
I finished it about a year ago and have been driving some but needs a little work, mainly just some glitches in original car electrical system. Has max speed of 48mph on level ground. Having talked to some experts I think it would benefit from more voltage and would probably do great with 120V. I have 2 additional matching 36 V battery packs that each have one bad cell that I will include with the car. Could repackage the cells if desired to add to car and improve performance. Would obviously need to do some rewiring and reprogramming of charger and controller but should be minimal expense. I was going to do it but my situation has changed and I am moving and will no longer have a convenient place to work on it and need to sell.


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