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For Sale:
1974 Porsche 914 EV (See )

This beautiful 1974 Porsche 914 was converted in Spring of 2010 and now has over 11,000 EV miles logged. The conversion was done very carefully and neatly and the car has almost no rust. All the basic systems, transmission, rack and pinion, brakes, suspension and bearings, were overhauled before the conversion began.

This is a great project for someone who wants a 914 conversion and wants to work on it but doesn't feel like doing the whole project. The vehicle runs but the controller has an intermittent problem that causes it to reset periodically. I purchased a Curtis 1238 controller already programmed for the AC24-LS motor, but I've run out of steam on the project and I need to sell out.

So, I'm selling the car as-is for $5000 and the new controller with all its accessories for an additional $4000. All the new owner needs to do is install the new controller and a fresh set of lead acid batteries (about $2000) and it's good to go. There's work to be done here, but it's completely doable in an ordinary home garage. Call me for more of the details.

I'm including lots of extras for the $4000:
Curtis 1238 controller and liquid cooling kit
Prius accelerator pedal (no more potbox)
Brake pressure sensor (for controlling the regen from the brake pedal - already installed)

This is a great car and a great deal for the right buyer. Please check it out on the EVAlbum web site and call me to drop by for a test drive. The car is located in Los Gatos near San Jose, CA.

Jack (408)460-1237
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