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For Sale: 1978 Honda Civic - Full Electric Conversion

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With great reluctance, I am selling my baby. Here is the info:

1978 Honda Civic CVCC 3dr Hatchback
$6,500 (OBO) As-Is Converted to 100% Electric Plug-in
Registered in CO (previously registered in CA)

Body Condition: Fair. Repainted in 2015. Some small dings and scratches (all easily repairable, if desired). It is really only missing a few of the plastic lettering items. Some of the trim (rubber, plastic, chrome) is weathered.
Mechanical Condition: Fair. Some things (like the CV boots) are worn, but don't really need to be replaced. The brakes are pretty weak, but I have never had any issues commuting in it for 6 years.

Interior: Poor. Back seat removed for electrical components.

Range: 50 miles on a new battery pack; it goes down to about 35 miles when the pack has aged three years. A new battery set costs about $2500.

Driving: The car can go 70mph, but that greatly decreases the range. I typically drive 50 – 55 mph on my I-70 daily commute from Golden to Aurora. It is a slow accelerator, so don't expect to be drag racing in it.

Charging: A 90% charge takes about 6 hours and a full charge takes about 8 hours. If you drive less than full range, the charge time decreases proportionally. It plugs into a standard 120 V outlet, and pulls about 14 Amps

Maintenance: This car definitely requires someone that wants an incredibly unique car, but is willing to deal with its quirks. It is reliable, but it is also a very old car. The electrical system does not need any upgrades or changes, but it does need to be maintained. I will always be available to help should any issues come up. All of the mechanical work can be done by a normal automotive technician. The car is very simple from that perspective as most of the gasoline engine components have been removed, which are typically what require the most maintenance.

Batteries: The car uses 16, 6 V “golf cart” batteries (I prefer US Battery 145), wet lead acid. These batteries need to be watered about 8 times a year. You can buy them near wherever you live, typically.

This is a cool little car, and it has been my project for the past six years over which I have put about 30,000 miles on it. I am sure with the right home, it'll go to 100,000. I am selling it because I have kids. It has no backseat and when I get home from work it needs to be plugged in; so I can't turn around and take the kids to soccer practice.