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For Sale **10K OBO**: 1979 Super Beetle Convertible EV Conversion 100% complete

1979 Super Beetle Convertible. Entire lifetime in California.
I bought it in 2013 and had it converted to full electric by Nathan Hutchison of Nate's Green Garage in Berkeley, CA. I have about $38k into it, when all is said and done (ouch!)

I would like to see this car go to the right owner, and am therefore willing to take a huge loss on what I have invested in it.
The sooner you can get the vehicle out of my hands and into yours the more willing I am to make a deal...

It not only got a new lease on life as an electric car, it also got a makeover (not restoration quality) with new paint, seats, carpets, seals, top/liner, stereo, speakers and countless other parts, both mechanical and aesthetic.

Things that are not working:
- Speedometer has been testy from the start, the cable never was right
- Odometer hasn't worked since I bought it, but it got a new life when I converted anyway and I have only driven it around town for the last three years (and only on hot, sunny days as well)
- Passenger side mirror glass missing
- Convertible top seems to have aged more quickly than expected, and has moldy spots which probably could be taken care of with the right products and elbow grease
- Five battery cells have been drained too low and will need to be bypassed (or replaced) for the BMS to work as it should with another four slightly failing (holding 75-85% capacity)

Long story short I am not the right owner for the car. Being a conversion, as well as an old car, it most certainly had its quirks, and I am neither a car person nor a diy person. Sadly, I need to find this car a new home, where it can be cared for, driven and maintained by someone who has more to give it than I do.

It drives at highway speeds, gets around 80 miles to a charge (I've never needed that much so I can't vouch if that is still true), and can still seat 4 people. It will turn heads and make people smile. It is a special car for a special kind of owner and truly deserves better than what I can give it.

A partial list of specs:
Netgain Warp 9 motor
Evnetics 100 amp controller
Evnetics throttle
Adapter plate and coupler
Motor cooling Kit
Controller cooling kit
DC to DC converter
12 volt battery
5000 watt Elcon charger
Main fuse
100 AMPhr GBS Battery cells (x70)
Mini BMS cell board (x70)
Mini BMS battery gauge
1500 watt heater system
Charging plug and cord set(s) (220v/110v)

I have invoices for all the work done, as well as all the miscellaneous parts ordered/installed.


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