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For Sale - 1986 Honda CRX - $2000 OBO

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I am moving and need to get rid of my car. It is currently not running and needs a new adapter plate and coupler. It has (44) TS 160 AH cells made in 2009. Also one extra spare cell. The car drove about 2500 miles on these cells. I have not had a chance to cycle test them. The motor is a Netgain Impulse 9 and the controller is a 144V 700amp Open Revolt DC controller. The car could go at least 80 miles on a charge, although I never took it further than about 50. It could also go at least 80 mph.

I have some upgrades that have not been installed like a vacuum brake kit, and larger brakes. The motor, controller, charger and other electronics alone are worth the price. If the batteries are still good, then this is a huge deal, even over junkyard EV battery packs.

You must be able to pick it up in Southern California within the next 2 weeks.

Please contact me at [email protected].