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For Sale: 1987 Porsche 944 Electric

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I converted this car to electric drive around 2006-2007 and it's been registered and street legal ever since. It's a fun car! I'd like to sell the car complete but will consider selling off the components if I can't get a buyer.

When I started this project I had planned on using the car as a commuter car, but the distance was too far (need at least 40 miles)
and it became a weekend driver and racer. Right now the range is only in the low 20's, it has the capability to go a lot farther.
A lithium pack could easily put the range closer to 70-80 miles.

I have the car set up for flat towing by building in a tow bar attachment behind the front bumper.
The cars light plug right in to the trailer socket of the tow vehicle. I've taken the car down to Hagerstown Maryland for auto cross
and drag racing at the Power of DC event. I placed first in my class in some of the auto cross events and held a NEDRA record in the quarter mile.
I've also taken the car up to Limestone, Maine for land speed racing with the Loring Timing Association, holding a record there too.
Top speed so far is 112 mph, but that can easily increase with upgraded batteries.
As an electric this car has the capability to go faster than the original gasoline version did.

This car is perfect for the person who's looking to get into EVs but doesn't want to start from scratch.
The PFC-30 charger is one of the best EV chargers you can get. I plug it into 240 at home and it fully charges in a few hours.
If I were to keep the car, the next change I would make would be the battery pack. It has a flooded NiCad pack and does require some regular maintenance.
The benefit of flooded NiCads is that they will last forever. No concerns about your range dropping in half in the winter or replacing the pack in a few years.
But the best thing would be to replace it with a good lithium pack. With the improvements and price drops of the past few years a lithium pack is an affordable way to get much higher range and much better performance.
You could be very competitive in the quarter mile and still drive the car around town to pick up a pizza. And never buy a drop of gasoline again.

List of components;
Cafe Electric Zilla 1k EHV controller
Manzanita Micro PFC-30 charger
Warfield Warp 11 HV motor
Mechanical vacuum pump
Vicor PFC power supply DC-DC
BB600 NiCad battery pack, 284 volt, 30 AH

5 speed limited slip transaxle
original clutch, lightened flywheel
Koni coil over rear shocks
HID replacement headlights
very low mileage Kumho performance tires
second set of tires on phone dial wheels

You can see more about the car at the following site;

If you add up the cost of new parts equivalent to what I've installed, it adds up pretty quick.
Here are the major components;
Z1k EHV is $1900
PFC-30 is $2900
adapter plate was $700 many years ago
Warp 11 HV over $3600

You can see the cost to build a car similar to mine gets pretty steep pretty quick. And we haven't included the car or the batteries.
If you're interested, you can get this one for a good price. I'm going to lose money selling this car, but I didn't do it to make money.
It's been a fun project but I have to move on. So if you've been thinking about a conversion and would like to get there a lot faster, consider my car.
You'll still have plenty you can do to it to make it your own, but you'll save a lot of money and get that ev grin a lot faster.
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Nice car. It is easier to sell if you have a starting point for price. Otherwise its like an eBay $0 starting price and you get a bunch of folks offering $500 for your car.

So I'll start...Definitely take it for $500. PM me if you are interested.

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Thanks for the heads up. But sorry, I can't take that much of a loss.

$8000 OBO

Given what I've put into my 944, if this is in decent condition it's a VERY good price. The 11HV in a 944 is amazing!! This could give someone a huge jump start on a very fun car (with a plan to move to Lithium... CALB 60 or 100)

Good luck with the sale.

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oooohhhhh man..... I am hunting for a client. I would LOVE to upgrade this to a fresh pack of Lithium, but can't buy on spec. Sadly, I have not seen a market for DIY EVs, even really great ones, anywhere near retail pricing to support this as a profitable business. ;(

be patient, I'm looking for a buyer!

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I always intended to go lithium with the car, but just can't do it now. My next goal was to license up to 135 MPH at the Loring Timing Association races. I could do that as a street legal car with an upgraded pack. The next milestone is 150 MPH, still doable without too much effort. After that I'd have to get into roll cages, and that's a big step. To go beyond the 150 mark starts getting complicated with the transaxle gearing. My motor should be able to spin up as high as the original engine, but then the gearing is the limiting factor.

The car has a lot of potential to set records as an electric, but I can't afford to do it right now. How much would it cost for a 300 plus volt pack that can put out 1000 amps for about a mile and a half? Probably not in my budget.

So, if I can sell it, maybe someone else can make this car as fast as it can be. If not, and I can hold out, maybe the price of a good pack will fall low enough for me.

Dave C.

PS if you want to see the potential of this car with a good pack, look at what Lowell Simmons is doing with Black Pearl. He's put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that car and it's really paying off for him. He's earned it, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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am really new to these ev. what are the regulations just incase i buy this. does it undergoes inspection? inspection here in maryland is notorious. i would not mind the system and anything in the car. but here, worn out wiper blades will make you fail an inspection. let me know i might interested...

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am really new to these ev. what are the regulations just incase i buy this. does it undergoes inspection? inspection here in maryland is notorious. i would not mind the system and anything in the car. but here, worn out wiper blades will make you fail an inspection. let me know i might interested...
regulations on titling, registration and licensing vary widely from state to state. some have safety inspections, some don't. some you don't REALLY even have to re-register as 'all-electric' because there is no tax credit for DIY conversions or emissions test on gas vehicles anyway.

you'd be well advised to calll YOUR own MVD and ask them what the rules are for a vehicle where you've replaced the motor, than THEN tell them you changed it from gasoline to electric and does that have any special rules or inspections. The thing to stick to is that the vehicle has all the original DOT safety equipment un-modified, it is NOT a 'home built vehicle' requiring massive inspection of frame and DOT safety equipment.
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