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I have a '91 electric crx for sale. This car was converted in the early 2000's and is now in need of a new home, and new batteries.
The 12, Trojan-150's that are in the rear battery box have had their last charge cycles and now won't store enough charge to move the car. With these batteries in good working order, the car would get 40-50 miles, and with upgraded lithium cells, you could easily get 75-100 miles out of this little beauty.
The motor is an Advanced DC F001 9.1" (144V) motor paired with a Curtis 1231C controller (96-144V 500A).
The charger is a 5-15 amp charger that takes in 120VAC.

The motor is mated to the original 5-speed, and it was super fun to drive.

I've had several people offer to buy just the shell, but I would prefer to see this upgraded to its full potential with lithium batteries, so I am posting it here because I know someone on here may want it.

Asking $3,000, O.B.O, Clean title, updated registration until November of this year.
Located in Golden, CO. Will need a trailer to bring home.
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