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For Sale 2000 Focus EV starter project

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I have a Focus that my cousin and I had started converting to use as an EV. He was killed in a car accident and it has now been sitting for almost a year and I don't have the ambition to work on it alone. We got a motor from a Catipillar fork truck, not sure on the power, but it measures 11" in diameter. The car has a Curtis 1205 controller in it now @ 36v (we were planning on stepping that up later) and 10 Enerysys 12HX505 AGM batteries. It does move with the automatic trans in it just really slow with only the 36 volts. The car is in really good condition, 2 of the tires are almost new, other 2 are fair to good. This is a project car so some of the wiring could use getting cleaned up, as well as other tweaking. I am going to ask $2000, this is less than half of what we had into it. I don't think I'm out of line on it, but I know it needs some further work and parts, so feel free to shoot me an offer. I'm in Little Falls, MN, I would be willing to trailer the car about a 100 miles if needed for the sale. Send me a PM if you would like my number to call.

Thanks, Joe


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