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Hello up for sale is a rare EV Car. Here is a link to the wiki Coda (electric car) - Wikipedia The reason I am selling it is because It has 2 main problems. 1. The battery. It will only discharge down to 60% and warns you that the battery is low and reduces power and needs to be charged. 2.A/C Doesn't work because the old high voltage ac compressor cable was cut during an accident. The A/C compressor was replaced but I never took it to get the AC code error removed so it can switch back on. It would be a great parts car to make your own EV conversion. I don't move much in the summer because the AC but in the winter I use it as a local commuter because it does get a solid 40 miles of range and it works great. I would like to keep it and change out the battery for some Tesla modules but they are very expensive and I don't have the resources to put into it. I don't want to junk it because it has really good EV parts that someone could use or just fix the battery and AC and you will have a great off the radar EV. If you are interested contact me. I'd rather not junk the car. Here's a link to the car when it was at the auction: 2013 CODA EV
Hi, I just saw this listing - do you still have the car for sale? please send me an email thanks Keith - [email protected]
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