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Hello All,

I will have 10 2018 Nissan leaf battery modules for sale sometime next week out of a 40kwh leaf pack with ~5,000 miles on it.

These are larger capacity than the Gen2's (56 Ah per cell vs 33 Ah per cell in Gen 2's) and are the same shape as two Gen 2 modules stacked together. I will have some real world capacity data on them as soon as I get mine in my electric motorcycle hopefully next week, but they are marked 1.66kwh each.

They are $500 a module for individual modules. Make an offer on all 10. I would prefer not to ship them but can meet up if you are on the way from New York to San Francisco (moving there in early December).

Here's some info/specs:

Here's a picture for reference



P.S I will update this post with pictures once I have the battery opened up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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