Here is something for a smaller conversion than the usual:

A detailed overview of the unit can be found here: Andrew's 2005 Rally 200e

The big items inside it are:
  • 11.5kW cont. (20 kW peak) 72VDC PM motor
  • 72VDC 400A controller
  • Albright SU280AB contactor
One of the big batteries finally bit the dust after about 2.5 years, and I have little interest in replacing it when I know there are bigger and better projects in the near future.

Otherwise, all components are in new or near-new and in working condition.

Ask for more information, ask for more pictures, and start up a chat to make an offer for the whole or the sum of its parts.
I need the space in my garage and funds in my wallet for the next project. I look forward to seeing the projects that these parts help you create.