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EVSE40 30A 7.2kW Level 2 Pocket TurboCharger Waterproof Outdoor Charging Station 22ft. BSA Custom J1772 cable $386.60 plus $25 shipping Contiguous United States



Introducing my smallest EVSE, the Pocket TurboCharger ! When small size and price are are what you’re looking for, my new Pocket TurboCharger really delivers. Featuring 120/240v 30A 7.2kW OpenEVSE main board with a Custom 40A J1772 22 foot cable using a 70A plug. 40A 3.5ft. Power input cable with 14-xx plug. (Unused neutral blade removed to allow plugging into a 30A, 50A or 60A outlet). 30A relays. This unit operates at Level 1 and 2. This is mounted in a light gray outdoor rated enclosure. This unit requires a 40A 240V circuit with a NEMA 14-50 outlet for full 30A potential. However you can plug it into a 30A 14-30 dryer outlet if you don’t need the full 30A for example.

It will charge any J1772 compliant car at up to 30A (7.2kW)
The EVSE advertises the available current to the EV which intern draws what it is designed for.

Programmed for the current levels you, want Pocket TurboCharger works on both 120v and 240v with memory for each level. Stock values are:
12amps on Level 1 (120v)
24amps on Level 2 (240V)
I can program it for any value you like from 6A-30A on each level separately.

OpenEVSE v.2.5Plus board
All nuts/bolts/washers are STAINLESS STEEL
22ft. Custom 40A J1772 “Whip” with 70A high current plug and PET braided sleeving.
The relays are quality 30A Potter & Brummfield
The input cable is 30A 3.5ft. 10ga. with a universal 14 series plug, Plugs into
14-30, 14-50 and 14-60 outlets. The NEMA 14-50 outlet is the one all the Tesla guys have installed as well as the standard at RV parks!
You can even use the PlugShare app and set the filters to include NEMA 14-50 and see all of them in the country, there are a surprising number of them.
Ready and Charging status LED’s
Heat shrink tubing used throughout.
All parts are new.

Here is a link to the owner’s manual:

If you would like the unit customized with a twist lock plug for example or something other than the NEMA 14-50 plug I can do that for the difference in parts. In the case of a L6-30 it would allow you to use many adapters. I also build custom adapters, see my other thread.

I offer a 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on all my EVSE’s

Case Specs:
Case measures 6.25" x 3.5" x 1.75"
Cover seal makes this ideal for outdoor use in a wide range of adverse conditions
Molded on surface-mounting flanges
Captive, stainless steel screws thread into brass inserts for a quality seal.

I get a lot of inquires about custom builds. YES I definitely take orders for anything you would like to see in your EVSE. Example I can build this one here for the same price and make the Whip longer for well under $2/ft up to 50ft.
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