Hi All,

I'm fitting an Orion BMS and upgrading the cells in my RX8 to get a little more capacity, lower the weight and to allow me to fit a CCS controller. Original build thread: (55) Skooler's RX8 Conversion (Formally "A Good Motor???") | DIY Electric Car Forums

The original Sinopoly cells have done about 15,000 miles. Over 90AH real world capacity on most recent drive according to my JLD404.

96 *Sinopoly LiFePO4 100AH cells. Never charged above 3.5vpc and battery current limited to 5c

No BMS or boxes. Purchase includes busbars.

Perfect for an EV conversion or DIY home battery storage.

Asking £4000 or best offer, based in Malvern, UK. Can potentially deliver.