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For Sale: 37 Dow Kokam 75Ah NMC Lipo - $3,500

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37 Dow Kokam XALT 75Ah lithium batteries.

NickelManganeseCobalt(NMC) Lithium Ion/Graphite Anode Cathode

For all the specifics see the data sheet included:

You can also look at the build thread that I had for my electric motorcycle project:

The batteries were never used. Purchased for $6,400 in 2015. Make an offer.
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Hello theFREElaker,

Nice cells. I hope this doesn't bother you. If so, I'll gladly delete it. But I have a dozen or so of these cells which I'd be willing to sell. So if you come across a potential buyer who needs a few more than you have, let me know.

Good luck. BTW, I tested these cells and they are excellant performers.

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