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Let's see...
They've been out of service for about 2 years. They all read 3.33V-3.34V. They were in an Alfa Romeo Spider. The controller was a Netgain 1000A, and the motor was a Warp 9. I used an Elithion BMS.
After a couple of years of crawling in and out of the Alfa, I decided to convert something more practical, so I bought a VW Jetta. I used those batteries briefly in the new conversion, but I wasn't getting the performance I expected. I bought a new pack and planned on building a solar power system using the other pack. I never got around to it, so they've just been taking up space in my garage.
After installing the new pack, I now think that the sluggish performance was more about the 700lb difference in the weights of the cars. Some was due to the batteries, though. I did not "baby" my batteries. I tried to make the Alfa as fun as possible, and occasionally trying to achieve a 1000A discharge at traffic lights is pretty darn fun!
That's why I'm asking 50 bucks per cell instead of $100+. But if you're converting on a smaller budget, this is a good way to save at least $8000!
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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