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I don't watch this (or any) website often, so it is best to email me jg24jeep AT
That's why it is still for sale, I miss the notifications and people move on before I reply... so hopefully this helps.

FB1-4001A ADC 9 inch series motor
double shafted 28 HP constant, 85 peak, 72-144 volts for EV's up to 5000lbs
Motor weights 143 lbs. plus crate is about 160.

I bought to use in a S-10 build, that never happened... it got close'ish, sorta.. then we had a kid, then we moved and another kid... then a lot of life.. and now, I see it will never happen.
So, here is a NEW NEVER USED motor, still in the original crate and packaging.
It has been stored in my heated garage.
I paid $1750 plus shipping from Electric Vehicles of America, Inc., so I will lose a bunch, but just want to clean out the garage and move on.

$1000 OBO
Free pick up or I can get the best price on quoting it shipped to you. I work at a machine shop so we regularly ship out large items and can get pretty good pricing.

Will also include the complete guide to EV conversion that I got from EV America and anything else I have, documentation wise.

I DO NOT have any other parts. My motor mount, flywheel and all other parts I used to mock it up, are already gone. I never bought a controller or batteries, so I don't have those either.

Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks, Jeff

motor print

power curve
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