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For Sale: 90kW AC Motor and Controller -Enova- $2000 OBO

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I have an Enova motor and controller for sale. The motor is an Enova-modified Solectria AC55. The biggest difference between this and the original motor is that Enova added their own encoder to the motor.

Along with the motor, I have a Panther CEU P90 Dual. This controller has the ability to control two motors.

Now for the bad news:
I know absolutely nothing about this motor and it comes with no documentation. And from what I understand, Enova will not answer any questions regarding the motor/controller unless you are the original owner. Based on this, I suggest that interested parties be well-versed in AC motor/controllers. This equipment isn't for inexperienced tinkerers (like me).

Another point I want to make, which can be seen in the photos, is that the lead from the encoder on the motor appears to have been damaged in transit. You can see what I'm talking about in the pictures below. It's just wiring, so I'm sure that a new connector can easily be spliced into place, but this is something that I wanted to point out.

The last thing I wanted to state is that this might not be a matching set. I know that the controller is a P90 Dual, but I only have one motor. I have yet to experiment with these components, so I can't offer any insight on this.

If you are not interested in keeping this as an Enova-package, you should be able to send the motor into Azure Dynamics and have them refurbish it to current specs. I inquired about this with Beth Silverman last year and she told me that the cost would be $800.

For the right person, this is a great bargain. But it is a used unit with no known history. Therefore, I am selling this As-Is with No Warranty.


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Looks like this is a system that designed for electric trams, but it would work well in a light EV conversion. It might be tricky getting the right encoder. Depending on the control strategy it might not even need it for normal running. It would make a nice Christmas present.
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