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I am very sad to part with my recently completed, Special Edition 1991 Mazda Miata 5spd. I have put about 3000 miles since I finished it in Sept of 2011 and had it re-registered in California as a pure electric vehicle. All the parts including the adaptor plate were purchased from the fine people at EV Propulsion in Bayport, NY: it is fully kitted with a WarP 9 motor with a Soliton Jr controller that is cooled by a Netgain Controls WarP Drive liquid cooling kit. Manzanita PFC20 charger, SP500 DC/DC converter, vacuum brake assist, and a whole bunch of other components not listed. It has 56 cells of GBS 100AH LiFePO4 at a nominal voltage of 185V all protected with a full Mini BMS kit and control chip wired in to a low voltage buzzer in the car. However, due to inadequate battery constraining, about 32 of the 56 cells have lost capacity and are sitting at between 40 and 75AH, tested with a West Mountain Radio CBA IV battery analyzer (not included). I just got married and bought a house so it has become financially advisable to sell my prized EV. This is a great opportunity to pick up where I left off with a full set of top of the line EV equipment, and, with a little bit of battery work, a very functional EV conversion. Before my batteries started losing capacity, I was getting ~50mi range with ~80 mph top speed (though you could probably push it harder than that, I just didn't try).

The chassis is in great shape, British Racing Green. I put in a full set of brand new KYB GR-2 shocks along with a new tan convertible top with a class rear window. Also has a stainless steel underside cover. Tires are in good to excellent condition. It does have a salvage title from a past accident (before I bought it), but the damage was completely cosmetic and has been fully repaired. I just got a new brake job and a full wheel alignment specifically to decrease rolling resistance.

I am in Berkeley, California. Purchaser is to arrange shipping. Because of all my battery investigation lately, battery cells will be packaged outside of the vehicle and will marked as to their individual measured capacities. I have invested more than $20,000 into this vehicle. I am asking $11000. Email me at [email protected] or call me at 415 699 7153.


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