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For Sale: 914 Porsche EV Kit (1974) - $5000

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Now that I've stettled into the new place; selling my 914EV project has again become a priority:

The kit includes:
Car (rust free and re-painted)
109 Lifpo (60Ah) batteries (new)
Solectria UMOC 445 inverter
Solectria AC-55 motor
ELon charger
901 transmission and adaptor
H/V Cabling
Battery boxes
the works

This includes literally everything, new carpet, rubber seals, seats, breaks. The batteries alone are worth the price.

Check out for pictures and build status.
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Yeah, about that: I screwed up the blog link...
Should be

And I'm located in Irvine, California.
Gabe is trying to part the car out (he'd like to just end up with the roller). But he hasn't purchased it yet. So it's still in my garage, and my wife is still tasking me to sell it.
Yes everything sold. It actually parted out it two lots; one got the car, another got all those batteries.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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