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For Sale: 914 Porsche EV Kit (1974) - $5000

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Now that I've stettled into the new place; selling my 914EV project has again become a priority:

The kit includes:
Car (rust free and re-painted)
109 Lifpo (60Ah) batteries (new)
Solectria UMOC 445 inverter
Solectria AC-55 motor
ELon charger
901 transmission and adaptor
H/V Cabling
Battery boxes
the works

This includes literally everything, new carpet, rubber seals, seats, breaks. The batteries alone are worth the price.

Check out for pictures and build status.
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From the blog link, it looks like everything was mounted a few months ago. What else would be required for this to be a running car?
Bummer. I was really hoping to pick up where he left off. I really appreciate the info though! Thanks for your help.
Looks like you still have a chance. Ob still has it so give him a ring! I'm not far, in San Diego. So if you end up buying this I'd love to come take a look as you make progress finishing it.
Sent a PM to OP yesterday regarding the sell of all components.

With the lack of response I think they'd prefer to get his friend the car and sell the components separately. To complicate matters, I'm located in TX. Shipping would be a bit of a hassle. It'd also be quite a trip for you to check it out when finished!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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