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For Sale: 92 Escort Wagon - $5000

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Located in Baton Rouge, LA.

Motor FB 4001 Series Wound DC ADC 9" motor with the shaft on both ends.

Drivetrain - Original 5 speed manual with a ceramic clutch.

Controller – Cafe Electric Z1K-LV 1000 Amp Zilla Controller with Hairball interface

Batteries - 15 Trojan T-875, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded

System Voltage – 120 volts

Charger - Lester Model 07740 220V AC input - output is usually 26 AMPS Needs about 6 hours to charge from 80% discharge. I still have the onboard Zivan for charging away from home, but it is 120 AC input and only charges at 12 AMPS max.

Heater - Electric ceramic element in place of the original heater core

DC / DC Converter - Zivan NG1 120VDC to 12VDC

Instrumentation - Voltmeter, Ammeter, Speedometer, Tachometer, Curtis State of Charge Meter, Battery charger indicator light for onboard charger.

Top Speed - 75 MPH (120 KPH)

Acceleration - 0-45 in 36 seconds, at 200 AMPS MAX measured at the motor.

Range – The current battery pack is at the useful end of its life. It has a range of 8-12 miles per charge. With a new similar battery pack, it will reach 50 miles with the driver only, (150 lbs), at or below 45 MPH and below 200 amps while cruising and accelerating. 30-40 miles is usual with more passengers and more agressive driving. This will take the batteries to 80% discharge.

Curb Weight - 3,460 Pounds. Front and rear axles are within 10 pounds weight.

Tires - P185 60/R14 Riken Raptor- Kept at about 42 PSI

Additional Features - It has a full front to back "belly pan". Originally added to improve aerodynamics, but it also keeps the engine compartment clean, and protects the battery charger that is mounted below the rear seat.

Other Condition Details - The car has less than 14,000 miles. The interior is clean and intact. Paint is in good condition with a few minor rough spots. There is one spot where the bumper has a small separation (See pics) I had to modify the stick shift area to make the reverse lights work after the computer was removed (see pics)
Also Included – Electrical receptacle matching the charger. (Receptacle only; not box. The box is available at Home Depot for a couple of dollars)


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looks like a nice conversion just begging for a Lithium pack.... why are you selling?!
A few factors:

1) Bought a new larger house but with less parking
2) Addition of teenaged daughter to my auto insurance raised my rates on all vehicles such that I can't justify the insurance for my "toy".


bummer for you i'm sure. somebody is going to get a good deal! I am considering it, but can't do it for a couple months... I am in the middle of another project and have yet to see if I can establish a local Lease/Rental market and finish up putting the business end together. Your vehicle would be a good fit for people that want to try out an electric daily driver with room for family and groceries. keep us posted if you manage to sell it...
Thanks! I will. I'm not in a great hurry as I've pulled the plates and have no note on it so keep me posted on your status too.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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