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This listing is for an S10 EV donor vehicle, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is NOT a functioning electric vehicle, nor even a functional gasoline-powered one, for that matter. I looked long and hard for an acceptable donor vehicle for an EV conversion project and found one right up my alley. My criteria for selecting my first S10 was quite impressive: it had to be economical, plus it couldn't have dents, rust, any sign of body work, cracks in the windshield or different-colored body panels, etc., etc. Basically, I did not want someone else's junk. I wanted something that I could actually be proud to drive around and show off, not make excuses for. What you have here in this listing IS that truck.

Unfortunately time does not allow for the numerous projects I have cooking on other burners, so I am offering this to someone else. The truck WAS a 4-cylinder 5-speed short bed. This is what's been removed thus far: the engine, trans, driveshaft, fuel tank, radiator, upper & lower fan shrouds, exhaust and the coolant reservoir. Everything else is still intact. The engine and trans were both bad and un-salvageable, which was one of the reasons I bought it. The other reason was that, aside from the known mechanical issues, the body was in near excellent condition. The truck had 130k on the clock, but the body looks more like 30k. No rust on the body whatsoever! You know how it seems most earlier S10's have those annoying rust holes in the lower rear cab corners? Let me repeat again: there is NO rust on this truck whatsoever. No rust or holes in either lower rear cab corners. No rust or holes over the rear wheels, either. The frame is in decent condition, the tires in excellent condition (a set of 205 75 R15 Goodyears). No issues with the windshield. The cab is in decent shape, with some minor soiling of the carpeting in the usual floor areas (come on.... there are 130k miles on the clock). One 5" rip in the seat on the driver side is about the worst I can report on the interior of the cab. A $5 WalMart seat cover would conceal that rather nicely. The paint is in decent condition as well for its age (it's a '94, so it's almost 20 years old), but, here, too, you have to accept the paint for what it is. It's not peeling or flaking, but it's also not as good as the Chevy's in the showroom, either. No visible dents to speak of, and only minor dings here and there.

I am just the 2nd owner of the truck. The truck checks out quite nicely with Experian. The record is practically spotless, save one apparent failure of some random emissions test at some point!

The exterior pics show a few additional noteworthy items. The driver side door is missing a mirror. I have the replacement, just hadn't had it installed prior to listing. The mirror will be included, obviously. The bed has a black formed plastic liner. Keep it in there or remove it to save weight- your choice.

If you're seeking a quality donor vehicle which will allow you to start on your project immediately, consider this S10. You will simply need to pick up where I left off, needing batteries, a controller, an electric engine, and a transmission (if you decide to go that route). I've already had the other components previously mentioned removed and disposed of. Certainly there are other donor vehicles out there; some cheaper, some with fewer miles, etc. Consider the condition mine is in and the work that's been done thus far, then send me an email if you're interested further.

Interested parties are always welcome to swing by for a peek. In fact, I encourage it. Don't take my word for it- come on over and inspect the truck for yourself!


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