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For sale:Ansaldo Motor with controller

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Removed from a working Micro-Vett Ducato a 30kW/60kW motor with controller. It came form a manual geared car. It comes with a manual from the manufacturer (in English and if desired in Italian).

Make me an offer.

You buy as is and as shown. If you have questions please contact me.

It can be shipped throughout the world. I'm located in The Netherlands. Your offer does not include shipping.


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Does this motor / controller have regenerative braking? How would that work? what is the nature of the throttle input?

Wondering about how it could be adapted to a chevy s-10
It has regenerative breaking for a max of 9 kWh. The throttle is resistance based. The motor and controller came from a car known in the US as Ram Promaster (in Europe Fiat Ducato)

The question on the conversion of a Chevy s-10 Cannot be answered by me. I personally think that you can convert any car. Is just how much you want to change to the car to make it happen?

Here a link as the chevy s-10 was build in an electric version for a short time.:
And off to the scrapheap.
So sad... I'm sorry no one else took an interest... I'd love to play with it but for my conversion I ended getting a 11" Kostov with S-10 adapter from a local guy so that made a lot of sense... now working on a P&S controller for it.... but I'm in Cali so just the shipping alone - and I'm a low budget maker.... =(
Just seen your ad.
Is the offer still pending?

I’d buy but I’m in the US.
I’d buy but I’m in the US.
"It can be shipped throughout the world."
Yes but at what cost? California 95901
Hello do you still have this motor and controller??
Long shot I know but I could do with one.
Many thanks
I have to look in my shed to see if I have a set and that I can spare one

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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