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(3) Azure Dynamics AC24 P1F Motors for sale. -$300 obo each
Part Number: MTA-010129 Rev C

This forum has some relevant information, but the motor does have a slightly different part number:

(1) Magmotor Corporation Part # 104868 - $150 obo
Test Sheet attached below

(1) Azure Dynamics DMOC-145 AC - $150 obo
Balance Hybrid Electric

The DMOC 145 and Magmotor are set up to be plugged into each other. I don't have any idea what it takes to get them running, or what the voltage range is.


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I do have a DMOC 445 controller, but I could never get the configuration to work for the motor. I would sell the controller for $500. I think the motor weighs around 100lbs
Thank you for the candor! I think I'll have to reconsider my options. The weight of the motor makes it problematic to have it shipped onto where I then need to send it.

I pay between $10 and $25 per kg to send stuff from my address in Florida to Paraguay, where the motor's gonna be, so that's a couple of grand in shipping the motor, so... Not gonna work out, I think.

But thank you for the information, I really appreciate it.

Hope you can find a home for the motor and controller.
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